After the Apocalypse

Po Apokalipsie

The 21st century did not bring an end to the sight of cities ruined by war: Aleppo, Grozny and Kabul, to name a few. But what happens to a city wiped out by war? Should it be rebuilt or not? Not so long ago in Europe, one capital city almost vanished. Warsaw in 1945 was almost entirely destroyed. The contemplative 360° experience “After the Apocalypse” examines the miracle of the rebuilding of Warsaw, a city where life is back nowadays. What scars did its reconstruction leave in people’s minds? What emotions accompanied the unprecedented reconstruction of the city so filled with hope?

Director, editor
Miłosz Hermanowicz
Beata Chomątowska, Miłosz Hermanowicz, Jan Mencwel
Yann Seweryn
Marcin Lenarczyk
Hanna Radziejowska