Cinematic Labyrinths | Interactive and Non-Linear Storytelling Showcase 2002 – 2018.

The digital revolution and interactivity changed many aspects of our life, but how much did it affect storytelling and film?

The Kissinger Twins have been working together at the intersection of the film, narrative and technology since 2003. Few years ago they began to share theirconcept of “Cinematic Labyrinths” at media, film and digital culture events as well as universities such as NYU Tisch School of the Arts. During presentation they explain the concept, talk about film and interactive media, their inspirations (from 80s exploration games such as Jet Set Willy to Twin Peaks or The Saragossa Manuscript) and present their award-winning interactive and immersive projects: from 2002 “Attitude”, SXSW finalist “Forget Me Not” and “Sufferosa”, one of the biggest web-based interactive films to recent VR works and Instagram experiments.