Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts (Warsaw), Master of Fine Arts and Doctor of Fine Arts (Rector Honors) – gained at the Graphic Design Faculty. A visual artist, Director of Photography, dealing with video, interactive video, narration, film theory, installations, environment. Co-founder of Open Lab – Narrative Systems. A creator of the interactive adaptation of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake – “First We Feel Then We Fall” (collaboration with Dr. K. Bazarnik), nominated by Dwutygodnik Magazine as the best event of 2016 in the media category Grand Prix Multimedia Szajna Festival. He started experimenting with film matter by creating movies based on Eisenstein’s montage theories: WWA, 2006, Ager Incertus, 2008, Extensive Movie, 2011. In his project Blvck Movie Preconception (original spelling, 2013) he designed non-linear montage construction, that consisted of series of frames and textual, ordering annotations. He initiated and supervises project for unification and normalization of components of film language. He ran his own classes – Visual systems of narration in films, examining and analyzing narrative structures and building their graphical versions with his students.