He comes from Wroclaw and lives in Warsaw. In Wroclaw he graduated sociology, journalism, Dutch language and Interdisciplinary Individual Humanities Studies, and in Warsaw – the Polish School of Reportage. His reportages were published in the biggest Polish quality magazines, including Duży Format, Newsweek,Przekrój, Wysokie Obcasy as well as in books: “Grzech jest kobietą” and “Tutaj drzwi trzeba otwierać powoli”. Several times he has been nominated for the Newsweek Prize of Teresa Torańska. In 2017 he released his debut book “Wszystkie dzieci Louisa” (“All Louis’Children”). He received Ryszard Kapuściński’s Scholarship for another book about contemporary Holland, which he is currently working on. Bałuk works for the Institute of Reportage in Warsaw, where he coordinates various journalistic projects and is responsible for Polish School of Reportage.