Kim jest Max Winckler?


Max Winckler wants to understand his nightmares at all costs. When the manufacturer Ludwig Liebenthal appears unexpectedly in his life, Max sets off with him on a trip to Łódź to understand the riddle of his dreams. Travel in time to Łódź and Vienna at the turn of the 19th and 20th century and let yourself be carried away by a suspenseful history.

An extremely interesting radio play, which has an story world extension in the form of the escape room, which is located in Łódź.

Script and directing
Adam Chyliński, Bartosz Szpak
Editing and sound directing
Ramez Nayyar
Additional sound editing
Marcin Gontarz, Martyna Gromotka, Patrycja Krysik
Sound mix and mastering
Krzysztof Podsiadło