Linia 9

Line 9 is an interactive documentary about changes in social and urban landscape of Warsaw in time and space. The project is a story of how these transformations affect people’s lives.

Warsaw is a unique city, where dynamic of changes is incomparable to most cities you know. During the Second World War 80% of the city had been ruined, then new city was being built on the remains of the old one. The 90’s brought chaotic mixture of fast investments, cheap but colorful materials and no control. Recently the city has been sprawling with all consequences of the process.

The project is a journey through time and space along the tramway line No 9, one of the longest tramway lines in Warsaw. It passes by the most important places of the history of Modern Poland, e.g. brand new National Stadium, which replaced the old one that served as the biggest marketplace in Europe and local Viettown; plastic palm tree (artistic installation) right next to the communist party headquarters changed into stock exchange in 1990. It crosses Vistula river, which divides the city into two antagonistic parts. Between new glass-and-steel buildings, communist housing blocks and pre-war tenement houses, there are places untouched for decades – the old world that is being slowly and quietly replaced by new reality.

Concept, script
Małgorzata Jurko, Katarzyna Boratyn
Code (prototype)
Wawrzyniec Dąbrowski /
Katarzyna Boratyn, Małgorzata Jurko,
Katarzyna Boratyn, Małgorzata Jurko, Maciej Badach
Graphic Design / UX / UI
Małgorzata Jurko
Katarzyna Boratyn
Witold Roy Zalewski