“Miasto Archipelag” (Archipelago City) is a project of Filip Springer’s reporter travels through the former capitals of the provinces of Poland. It is also the first documentary experiment in Poland which uses the Internet, social media and close cooperation with the opinion-forming weekly magazine and the radio station. Culmination of the project was the publication of a reportage book. The work of the reporter on his book was traceable from the beginning, almost in real time, in several dimensions at the same time on several platforms:

– Blog, where a reporter’s journey around the former capitals of the voivodships is constantly reported;

– Magazine on the Flipboard platform, created by 70 correspondents;

– Reportages in the “Polityka” weekly;

– Sound cards in the Radio Trinity;

– Social Media (Facebook and Instagram);

This is the space of the City of the Archipelago – Philipp Springer’s reporter’s experiment.
Organizer: Karakter Publishing House / Partners: Trinity, “Polityka”, Institute of Reporters / Sponsors: Grand Press Foundation, BlaBlaCar, Olympus.

Filip Springer
Crew (web)
Olga Gitkiewicz, Kamil Bałuk