Outriders bring global perspective, understanding and in-depth coverage. Being aware of the changes that media outlets are facing, we find new ways of telling stories by translating old forms into digital language – reinventing contextual articles, using multimedia and interactive forms and building cross-border collaborations.This way, we make it complex, more informative and preserve ethics and protocols, which we consider essential.
Outriders produce:
– Interactives – in-depth stories produced over a longer period of time. Our approach is inspired by Netflix – we generate a lot of buzz and showcase that‘s why the financial support is so important to us and to quality of the story.
– Dispatches – reporting is not only about the news. It should be constant, regular and meaningful. It should allow our readers to understand the problem in a micro and macro scale. Being aware of the fact that breaking news is usually the most read, it is our job to help our readers to understand their backgrounds, states and societies worldwide. Therefore, Outriders provide deeper context than a short news story.
– Organises live, in person meetings with the community, where they share the stories, experience and offer possibility to ask questions freely.