Spherical 3D Film – Research Group at Lodz Filmschool

In the age, when the virtual-reality technology matures, artists and filmmakers need to define the means of cinematic expression as well as their craft respecting traditional frame and cuts anew. Production of a spherical, three-dimensional film is an artistic collaboration of several different disciplines (cinematography, graphic design, special effects, theatrical arts, architecture, etc.). The challenge we face is to find new workflow as well as master the new visual language that is emerging together with the development of virtual reality technology.

How will the filmic manipulation of time and space evolve? How the attention-guidance will look like while shifting to viewer-centric editing techniques? How will the screenwriting of the spherical cinema and the new filmmaking process affect the editing workflow? How does the psychological experience evolve while shifting to the new spherical cinema experience? These questions we intend to answer by conducting artistic research projects on spherical 3D narration within an artistic, educational and medical studies.

Director of the research group
PhD Milenia Fiedler
Research Team
PhD Milenia Fiedler, PhD Iwona Pom, Jacek Nagłowski, Milosz Hermanowicz, Pola Borkiewicz