Stowarzyszenie Nomada

” Nomada is a response to the feeling of injustice, it is a reaction against any situation where people are marginalized by society and by the state. Nomada is a movement that seeks a deep understanding of the situations of these so called “aliens” or “other” people. At times, Nomada is a citizen. At other times, Nomada is an immigrant taking care of someone else’s child while longing for its own.”

The NOMADA Association in Wroclaw is an NGO concerned with the popularization and protection of human rights. We work especially with marginalized groups that have been excluded from society such as immigrants, foreigners, and ethnic and religious minorities.

We are working towards the comprehensive development of an open and civil society.

We are committed to building solidarity between people with different backgrounds and social status.

We want to break down stereotypes and prejudices.

Through our actions, projects and cooperation with outside groups, we want to create relationships based on mutual understanding and good communication.

We all have the right to migrate.

Our main activities include: development projects, education, monitoring, advocacy, intervention, legal support, training, conferences, debates, publications and literary journalism.