“Ulica Antakia” (“Antakya Street”) is online platform to educate Polish people about refugees from the Middle East by teaching about the reasons for their exile, its effects and about cultural differences. We have launched the www.ulicaantakia.com website as a part of the project, where we have uploaded documents including a cycle of short GIF clips illustrating issues that refugees face.

“Ulica Antakia” is one of many streets that could exist in any country in the Middle East. It is a symbolic street that has to be left behind by its residents because of the arrival of war and violence. This symbolic street has helped us to tell a story about neighbours. It is meant to be an emotional bridge between two human beings. It can encompass common social issues: plans, feelings, cherished personal belongings, patterns, basically everything that people suddenly have to leave behind.

Creative Director
Dominik Cymer
Katarzyna Cieślar
Jacek Ambrożewski, Dominik Cymer, Zofia Frankowska
Kacper Shikeli, Jacek Ambrożewski, Marcin Postek
Jan Komar
Andrzej Florek
Julia Borowska, Kasia Lorenz
Nomada Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Integracji Społeczności Wielokulturowego